Working for technological empowerment and sustainable livelihoods at the grass root levels.
Tribal Sub Plan(TSP)

The scheme under Tribal Sub Plan aims at improving living conditions of scheduled tribes based on sustainable science and technology activities.


S & T initiatives to be carried out with major emphasis on the following:

  • To promote research, development & adaptation of S & T for improving quality of life of primitive tribal groups.

  • To Preserve traditional artisan skills and upgrading the same,

  • To explore & promote alternative employement potential wherever the present
    occupation is dwindling.
  • To Improve existing equipment and machinery and introduction of new techniques,
  • Capacity building of tribal populations in S&T based activitie.


                   Catharanthus roseus cultivation by Tribal women
                        in Maharastra for extraction of vinblastine


    • Identification of major socio-economic sectors for S&T intervention;

    • Initiation of location specific S & T program;

    • Application of science and technology for manpower development;

    • Effective and sustainable utilization of available natural resources including MFP;

    • Land use, ecology and environment;

    • Development, demonstration and extension of viable models in the artisan trades;

    • Value addition to products based on traditional skills;

    • Sensitizing activists of voluntary agencies, scientists of laboratories, project officers (ITDP) and related agencies to S & T approach for tribal development through short-term intensive workshops and/or long-term training courses;

    • Awareness generation to possible technology options; and

    • Other activities, which would complement these objectives, like workshops, seminars, publications, etc

Note: The proposal should include the of intended beneficiaries in terms of their tribes.


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