Working for technological empowerment and sustainable livelihoods at the grass root levels.
S&T For Women

This scheme is focused on women as specific target group.


  • To promote research, development and adaptation of technology to improve the quality of life, workings conditions for women.

  • To provide newer opportunities for gainful employment of women especially in rural areas

  • To increase the contribution of women scientists to technology based development



The following priority areas have been identified under the scheme:

  • Specific science and technology application program to solve the problems of women in different regions such as hill, coastal and arid;
    Research and development on post-harvest technology and agricultural implements used by women to improve productivity and reduce drudgery;

  • Improved practices for occupational health and enhanced production in technology areas where women form a majority of the stake holders  sericulture, aquaculture, etc;

  • Research, development and demonstration program to minimize occupational hazards of women in domestic, agricultural and organized and non-organized industries;

  • Design, fabrication and improvement of equipment, accessories, tools and machineries used by women in different occupations in formal and non-formal sectors;

  • Up-gradation of traditional skills for utilization of available local resources and providing means for women to enter into the organized sector or for starting entrepreneurial production or service units.

  • Enhancing capability of women in modern industries particularly in electrical and electronic technologies;

  • Women's Health issues: - Nutrition, non communicable diseases, prevention strategies for communicable diseases; and
  • Selective studies on issues concerning women scientists and engineers

    The following points are specifically assessed in proposals for women: -

  • Strategies for linking gender issues and appropriate technology adoption.
  • Replicability potential of the project.
  • Stakeholders participation in formulating the proposal.

Other Gender Related Schemes/Award of SEED Programme:

1. Fellowship Scheme for Women Scientists for R&D and S&T Based Societal Interventions: This fellowship provides an opportunity for women scientists to re-enter into active research after a career break. The fellowship is available for carrying out innovative R&D having societal impact.

2. National Award for Women’s Development through Application of Science and Technology: This award has been instituted to recognize the contributions of individuals/institutions who have worked at the grass root level for women’s development through application of science and technology. Applications are invited once a year.  



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