Working for technological empowerment and sustainable livelihoods at the grass root levels.
Technology Intervention for Mountain Eco-systems( TIME)

Thrust Areas


Specific areas identified under TIME programme for immediate intervention through technology generation/ optimization and adaptation projects by S&T Institutions and S&T based voluntary organizations networked with Field Groups and the Target Population for upgrading, training and extension of low cost and local resource based appropriate technologies for creation of sustainable livelihood and development in mountain areas:

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Bio-Farming

  • Ecology oriented economy generation; land based income -generating activities like:- off-season vegetable production, low cost nursery techniques;
  • Crop diversification, Soil management, Seed conservation and micro-irrigation techniques;
  • Effective use of inputs, integrated farming systems, post-harvest technology including low-cost storage, processing, preservation and packaging with quality control;
  • Food, fuel and fodder management and preservation techniques;
  • Plant based herbicide and pesticides formulation; and
  • Livestock development in mixed crop farming systems

Balancing Forest use and Conservation

  • S& T based integrated approach to regenerate and manage micro-ecosystems and biodiversity for sustainable livelihood base;
  • Utilization of unutilized, under utilized and invasive biomass;
  • Value addition to products including Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) based on traditional skills; and
  • Pressure reduction on forest resource and prevention of forest fire.

Sustainable Technologies for Water Resource Management

  • Exploration, harvesting, spring recharge and purification of water resources; and
  • Technology based sustainable watershed development and management focusing on land, water and bio-engineering plantations.

Sustainable Technologies for Harnessing and Conserving Renewable Energy

  • water lifting devices, solar lantern and dryer, etc.

Disaster Management and Landslide Control

  • Mountain risk engineering: Botanical cum mechanical treatments; and
  • Pre & Post Disaster Management :Preparedness for quick relief and rehabilitation.

Gender sensitive Developmental approaches:

  • Women's Health & Nutritional Care, etc.

Rural Engineering and Technical Support Services

  • To help the traditional artisans, e.g. Blacksmiths, Carpenters, etc. with a view to organizing them for better earning/reduced drudgery through innovative skill development, training programme and adaptive R&D;
  • Use of local resources, skills and techniques for low cost construction with improved ventilation, domestic drainage and waste disposal;
  • Design, development, upgradation and maintenance of farm and non-farm tools and machinery;
  • Traditional health care system based on local flora and knowledge system;
  • Capacity building in the field of para-veterinary care; and
  • Low cost sanitation, waste management and recycling.


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Technology Models for
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