Working for technological empowerment and sustainable livelihoods at the grass root levels.
Technology Intervention for Mountain Eco-systems( TIME)


Mountain regions share the identical conditions and similar sets of problems. The mountain community developed technologies to cope with these. These technologies were eco-friendly and efficient for the requirement of the village society. With changing time and conditions, these technologies were set aside and new technologies were brought in without adequately adopting these for mountain environment. Lack of capacity for adopting technologies is one of the major reasons for present problem. Other limitations are inaccessibility, low level of awareness and lack of communication, etc.

Efforts must be made to address the above challenges, conserving and managing mountain resources to ensure fulfillment of basic needs of the society in marginal and fragile eco-systems. For this purpose appropriate technologies need to be developed to use conventional and non- conventional resources. This can be achieved by innovative thinking and human resource development.

Role of scientists in universities, research laboratories and science based voluntary organizations are very vital. These groups are the crucial like between the problems of people and developmental agencies. Sensitization of Scientists in these voluntary organization will facilitate development of appropriate technologies and its replication. Keeping these facts in view, the Technology Intervention for Mountain Ecosystems (TIME) programme has been developed to meet this need, which can help mountain and hill people – focusing on following aspects:

  • To promote traditional knowledge & wisdom in the light of new Science & Technology

  • To encourage Environmental sustainability and poverty alleviation through appropriate and sustainable technology;

  • To develop appropriate and sustainable technology for critical needs;

  • To Coordinate different science and technology intervention projects in Mountain eco-system

  • To identify, sensitize and generate field based projects on different thrust areas of mountain-ecosystems

  • To network different centers of excellence and research institutes for S&T needs, projects, assessments and other various assistance like lab facilities etc. &

  • To organize regional workshop for technological inputs, monitoring & evaluation and feedback.

Science & Society Division, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India along with Himalaya Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation (HESCO), Dehradun developed the concept of Technology Intervention for Mountain Ecosystems (TIME) based on the deliberations amongst different stakeholders. Under this programme, an innovative mechanism has been developed for sensitizing science and technology based field groups/voluntary organization S&T institutions. The specific areas identified are capacity upgradation in different developmental sectors, sustainable utilization and conservation of local resources.


Ecology Oriented Economy Generation..Use of Lantanna Weed to make value added product

The TIME programme adopts an innovative approach of networking a system of technology implementation. With this approach to reach community several grass-root level organization with scientific and technological capabilities can provide the crucial links between the new developments in technology, the local economy, utilization of local resources, and the skill of artisans, and other disadvantaged sections. This programme, catalyzes and supports time bound action research projects for developing/modulating technologies to address specific developmental challenges in the mountain and hilly areas taking into consideration the complexities of rural livelihoods.


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