Working for technological empowerment and sustainable livelihoods at the grass root levels.
Technology interventions for Addressing Societal Needs (TIASN)

This scheme is aimed at development of innovative technologies which are related to societal development. It focuses attention on specific and need based S & T interventions in farm and non-farm sectors for improvement of economically weaker sections, small and marginal farmers, rural artisans, landless labourers and urban population in unorganized sectors.


To catalyze research, development, design, adaptation and application of innovative S&T solutions for rural applications by supporting time bound development efforts with well defined milestones.
To motive scientists and technologists for applying their expertise to find novel solutions for problems in the rural as well as urban areas having societal relevance.
To take up all such activities which are conducive to the attainment of the above objectives..
Priority Areas
The following priority areas have been identified:

Farm & Non farm Sector:

Land, water and cover management through scientific and technological inputs for value addition and income generation.
Water Management: Owning & sustaining of water in rural areas.
Agriculture, Animal husbandry and Aquaculture: Effective use of inputs, integrated farming system, post harvest technology, including post harvest processing.
Engineering Services: Design, development and upgradation of farms and non farm tools and machinery; cost effective energy appliances; Construction technologies using local resources and material for construction.
Rural industries: R& D projects in the area of rural process industries.
Establishment of Rural Technology Parks as technology resource centres for technology back-up/ support system in both farm and non –farm sector.

Programme for Disabled and Elderly Population:

Technology Interventions for Disabled and Elderly (TIDE) to promote research, development and adaptation of technology for improving quality of life for benefit of Disabled and Elderly population in the country

Programme for Weaker Section & Artisans:

Action oriented programmes/projects to help the weaker sections & traditional artisans e.g. blacksmiths, carpenters with a view to: 
Organize them for better earning/reduced drudgery through innovative skill   development, training programmes, and adaptive research and development

Development and diversification of existing artisan-based production networks to economically viable, S&T based production in co-operation with S&T field groups with demonstration projects as output.

Development of new/improved technology to improve and diversify the local economy, utilizing local resources to upgrade the skills of landless labour, etc; and
mproving the quality and designs of traditional handicrafts based on innovative technology.




Technology Models for
Rural Application
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